A Colonic is a way of drawing toxins and gas out of the body through the large intestine known as the colon. Purified water is gently introduced into the colon at a smooth, steady rate in order to wash out material, mucous, and other debris.

The most common benefits--which can occur even after just one Colonic--are an increase in energy, reduced bloating, feeling lighter, less gas, improved digestion, a clearer complexion, feeling happier, reduced mental and emotional stress, clearer thinking, increased awareness of the body, and a rebalancing of the system, which allows the body to start undoing symptoms and effects of chronic illnesses. Other benefits experienced through Colonics include the elimination of headaches, some types of lower back pain, easing of allergies, asthma, menstrual pain, and acne and other skin problems. Colonics are also helpful for easing symptoms of and shifting more quickly from the body; colds, the flu and food poisoning.

If you are trying to improve your health and energy level, cleansing your body is the first step. Many people take numerous supplements, try quick-fix programs or make wild dietary changes in an effort to rejuvenate their system. Unfortunately, when the body is already overwhelmed it cannot absorb nutrients properly nor can it easily release old toxins readily due to the congestion. Once the system is clearer, supplements can be used much more readily by the body. It is also much easier to switch to a more suitable diet, and shift toxins out from other areas in the body.

We use our colon everyday and we need to care for and maintain it like we care for other parts of our body. We cleanse the outside of our bodies regularly; we also need to cleanse the inside of our bodies.

Common Questions

A healthy colon is about five to six feet long. During a Colonic the entire colon is gently flushed with purified water so that the whole colon is cleansed in this process. The water used in an enema spends time in the Rectum and sigmoid colon only, not reaching and focusing on the ascending colon, transverse colon, and descending colon. A properly delivered Colonic helps to tone and stimulate the intestinal walls, leading to better functioning of the colon while an enema helps with immediate relief.

Colon Therapy is not a weight loss program; however many clients lose excess pounds as they cleanse their bodies since weight gain is frequently caused by toxicity and imbalances in the system. Often in women, lower abdomen distention (pot bellies) can be caused or exascerbated by bloating or a full transverse colon that drops below the belly button. Once cleansed, the Colonic Hydrotherapy session helps to re-train the colon back to the natural functioning the body wants and needs.

A poperly administer Colonic is not painful. Although there may be some discomfort initially, it is brief. Some people may observe a feeling of intensity during shifting of congestion from the body during the process. Usually clients describe the treatment as relaxing, enlightening, and relieving. Our treatment centre has been in practice for over thirty years, and our staff appropriately trained and sensitive. We practice with the utmost respect for hygiene, safety, privacy, and comfort.

Colonics strenghten the digestive system and help tone the colon. Many find their bowel will get stronger as a result. Finding the right diet and lifestyle to optimize your health will complement the treatment and encourage deeper and more lasting improvements.

Only filtered water is introduced into the colon. Water is normally absorbed in the colon as part of the body's elimination process. We also provide a probiotic to take right after your session because we have shifted congestion, and now your body is better able to gain healthy levels of bacteria. .

How a Session Works

We recommend that you eat light, healthy foods the day of your Colonic–-before and after. Please avoid coffee, caffeine, sugar and alcohol for the entire day, as these are very hard on the system, and disrupt the body's natural rejuvenation process. It is better not to eat, or drink anything except water for 2-3 hours before the Colonic. Please note that while you can drink water before your session, you do not need to drink extra water during the 2-3 hours before the session as this may result in the need to stop the session for the client to visit the washroom to urinate. Following these suggestions will optimize your results because the body makes digestion a priority over elimination. It also helps to drink lots of water the day before your appointment.  

A Gravity based Colonic has a long history, is gentle and effective, working with the body to retrain the colon and allow the body to take over. Yellow Brick Road practices approximately 30 minute water times, as the goal is to work with the body and natural functioning of the colon. A single-use disposable proctoscope and tubing are used. 

You undress from the waist down in a private therapy room. Then you lay on the treatment table covered with a sheet. The Colonic Hydrotherapist will explain what is happening throughout the session, and you are welcome to ask questions. After turning onto your side, a single-use disposable proctoscope is inserted into your rectum. Only about one and a half-inches of the instrument is placed in your body. Next two tubes are attached to the section of the proctoscope on the outside of your body to create an enclosed system. One tube carries water into the large intestine and the other tube carries the water and unwanted debris out of the body. Purified water is gently flushed in and out of the colon. During the session the Colon Therapist will use different techniques to assist the body's process. For example, they may incorporate abdominal massage to stimulate the release of toxins and better understand the health of your colon. A trained Colon Hydrotherapist is with you throughout the entire procedure and you are welcome to ask questions at any point. At the end of the session you go into a private washroom directly attached to the room to redress.

Although it may not sound pleasant at first to observe and it is not required by the client to do so, many find it fascinating that during the session they are able to see through the clear tubbing what is releasing and how it corresponds to what they feel. It also allows the Therapists to assess the health or imbalance of the client's digestive system in regards to the following: digestive functioning; gas and bloating patterns; toxins being stored in the body; mucus production; candida/yeast; and whether food is being broken down properly. As you go through the session the Therapist will be observing the patterns and explaining and giving feedback as to how this relates to the functioning of your digestive system and health of your body as a whole.  

It is better to eat healthy and easily digestible foods for the rest of the day. For example, you may choose to avoid fried or processed foods and red meat, as well as common allergens such as wheat and dairy. Please avoid coffee, caffeine, alcohol and sugar foods for the whole day. It is also good to avoid any foods that you know irritate your system. If you wish to eat straight after treatment, fresh vegetable juice or soup is ideal. 

A completely optional mixture of Psyllium and Bentonite Clay can be taken several days before your treatment to break-up and release old debris. Mix 1 tablespoon of each in 8 oz. water, stir and drink once a day. Make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day if you are taking this mixture. Both Psyllium and Bentonite can be found at many health food stores. You can also wait until after your first appointment to assess how you feel and speak with the Therapist about your specific needs. If you undergoing a more extensive preparation for your session, it is also recommended to book your appointment in advance to ensure we are able to offer a convenient time.

Other Times to Come in

Many clients feel improvement after one or two Colonic, but one Colonic will not solve a bowel problem, chronic health issue or release all the toxins built up over years. The average person will benefit from a series of regular colonics over a period of a few weeks. Someone with a more serious problem such as lifelong constipation will likely benefit from a more extended program combined with diet and lifestyle changes to find more permanent relief.

Our experience with Colonic Hydrotherapy at The Yellow Brick Road is that while there are some similar patterns that occur, everyone’s needs and goals are different. Your Colonic Hydrotherapist can provide feedback to help you develop your own personal program and assess how many Colonics you should have. 

Our Colon Therapists are experienced Holistic Practitioners. They will help you with other lifestyle issues such as diet and exercise, as well as providing referrals to other therapeutic modalities. These suggestions can also greatly accelerate the release of toxins and healing of your body while receiving Colonics.

Many people also get Colonics during a fasting program to accelerate the release of toxins from the body. Colonics are a great preparation and support for other cleanses such as a liver or kidney detox. Having a Colonic can flush out toxins released from deeper in the body that may still be sitting in your colon. This will prevent them from being reabsorbed by the body and often assists with 'detox symptoms'. Our Colon Therapists are very knowledgeable about a wide variety of detox programs.

A colonoscopy is a procedure that allows a trained Doctor to see inside the colon and rectum. This examination can help detect inflamed tissue, ulcers, polyps and abnormal growths. For accurate results, the colon walls should be as free of debris as possible. Your Doctor will prescribe specific preparations for this procedure. Some people are able to use 2-3 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy as a part of this preparation process as it is both a gentle and effective way to cleanse the colon. For more information watch this short youtube. Speak with your Doctor first to discuss the possibility of using Colonics as part of the preparation process. 

Colonic Hydrotherapy can be done at the same time as other therapies and will usually enhance the effect of other things you do to improve your health.

Yes, it is fine to do so.  During menstruation your body is already naturally cleansing.  Having a session may also assist with bloating and easing your system.  Some woman do prefer to wait for their period to be over to do a cleansing session, so it is up to the client.

YBR Policy

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment you may do so with no questions asked and without penalty with 24 hours notice. This gives us an opportunity to offer the time to other clients who may need it. Please call rather than email if you are cancelling with less than 24 hours notice so that we are sure to hear the message as soon as possible as it may be outside of reception hours. If we are assisting other clients, please leave a message. The answering machine will log the time you called so you will not be penalized if you do not reach us directly when giving 24 hours notice.

The fee for late cancellations is half the regular appointment cost. Many businesses charge the full amount. We absorb the other half lost from the missed appointment as we may not be able to fill the appointment without 24 hours notice. If two late cancellations occur consecutively, we request that the fees be paid in advance of your next booking. This can be done in person or by providing your credit card number over the phone. Your credit card information will be destroyed immediately after use unless we have been given permission to store it. 

If it is possible to do so as we realize you may be driving and not able to pull over, please call the office to advise us of your estimated time of arrival. We book sessions back-to-back and do our best to start on time so that our clients can better arrange their day and commitments. Lateness of 15 minutes or more may mean that there is not enough time to conduct your session. A late cancellation fee of half the appointment cost will apply. 

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