Colonic Hydrotherapist
Indigenous/Integrative Medicine Practitioner
Student of Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Sandi Loytomaki is a vital health practitioner who has been involved in health, wellness and human performance for over 30 years. New as a Colon Hydrotherapist in Toronto since early 2015, she arrives at YBR with over 20 years of experience in educating people on colonics, enemas and vital health.

She brings a diverse set of skills and knowledge to assist you in achieving your goals, serving your unique and individual needs. Sandi’s education (academic and experiential) includes: Neurobehavioral studies (Joint Hon BSc Kinesiology/Psychology); Indigenous (traditional) medicine – studying with the Center for Traditional Medicine and training with Elders from many nations around the world; Integrative Medicine (combining many complementary therapies) and more recently studying Osteopathic Manual Therapy.

In a session with Sandi you will experience visceral osteopathic manual therapy, and during your colonic receive education on your body – digestive anatomy/physiology, and factors affecting your digestive abilities (stress, trauma, chronic illness, hydration, etc). Sandi is also adept in stillness/silence for those who chose to not talk. Sandi will also be offering nutritional counselling on location at YBR, for those who are interested.

Sandi has developed a detailed understanding of digestive health through her personal experiences early in life related to being a high performance athlete and later in life with rehabilitating the digestive/intestinal system. Following full organ failure, and her digestive system ceasing to function (digestion, assimilation and elimination), Sandi accomplished rehabilitating and regaining vitality in all her digestive organs, over a many year adventure – restoring her ability to digest and assimilate nutrients and eliminate in a healthy manner. She knows colonics from the ‘inside-out’ and will help you understand your body and body’s excretions from the ‘outside-in’.

A session with Sandi will be filled with education, understanding … and of course some laughter here and there.

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